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From Breakup to Breakthrough: Tips for Thriving Post-Breakup - All The Things Podcast Episode 84

Are you struggling to cope with a recent breakup? Are you looking for advice to help you heal and thrive post-breakup? Look no further than podcasts for women such as All The Things, which recently released Episode 84: "Breaking Up to Breaking Free: Tips From a Relationship Coach and Reiki Master Lydia Klemensowicz for Healing and Thriving Post-Breakup". This podcast episode features practical advice from a relationship coach on how to break free from the pain of a breakup and move forward in your life with strength and resilience. Your 20s aren't easy, and neither are breakups! Join us as we explore this valuable podcast episode and discuss the tips it offers on how to break free and rebuild after a breakup. This definitely the podcast episode to share with all your girlfriends.


Breaking Up to Breaking Free: Tips From a Relationship Coach and Reiki Master Lydia Klemensowicz for
Relationship Coach and Reiki Master Lydia Klemensowicz

Understanding The Breakup Process:

In the All The Things podcast episode 84, "Breaking Up to Breaking Free: Tips From a Relationship Coach for Healing and Thriving Post-Breakup," the featured Relationship Coach and Reiki Master Lydia Klemensowicz discusses the stages of the breakup process. The first stage is shock, where the body goes into fight, flight, or freeze mode, and it can feel surreal or like a dream. Next comes depression, which is almost unavoidable after a breakup.

The third stage is anger, which can be uncomfortable for many people but is a natural part of the healing-journey.

This understanding of the breakup process can be helpful for people in their 20s, or at any life stage, who may be going through their first major breakup. Knowing that these emotions are normal and that they will pass can give hope during a difficult time. The podcast offers advice on how to navigate each stage, including tips for self-care, setting boundaries, and seeking professional help if necessary. By following this advice for relationships and taking a healing journey, it is possible to move forward and find joy in life post-breakup.


Recognizing and Addressing Your Emotions

Breaking up is tough, but what's even harder is dealing with the emotional rollercoaster and various stages that come after it. In episode 84 of the All The Things podcast, Relationship Coach and Reiki Master Lydia Klemensowicz provides tips for getting over a breakup, and thriving in the aftermath. One of the first steps in healing post-breakup is recognizing and addressing your emotions.

Not to scare you, but after a breakup, your body goes into shock mode, which can leave you feeling numb or in disbelief. This can be followed by depression and sadness as you begin to come to terms with what happened. Don't panic, it's normal. It's important to allow yourself to feel these emotions, but it's also important to avoid getting stuck in them.

After you've ridden that wave of sadness, another common emotion that comes up post-breakup is anger. Many people are uncomfortable with feeling angry, but it's a normal and healthy response to a breakup. It's actually a sign you're moving through grief. Acknowledging and expressing your anger in healthy ways can help you move through it and eventually let it go.

Ultimately, getting over a breakup is a process, and it's important to take the time to fully heal before jumping into anything new. All The Things podcast provides helpful advice and guidance for women in their 20s who are navigating the aftermath of a breakup. Whether you're seeking relationship advice or just looking for a supportive community, this podcast is a great resource for anyone trying to move on after a breakup.


Healing and Self-Care Strategies

Breakups can be a tough pill to swallow, especially when they are unexpected or messy. In the All The Things podcast episode 84 titled "Breaking Up to Breaking Free: Tips From a Relationship Coach for Healing and Thriving Post-Breakup," Lydia provides advice on how to heal and thrive after a breakup.

One of the first pillars of healing after a breakup is allowing yourself to feel and process your emotions. The coach recommends different ways to do this, including journaling, dancing, breath work, and even crying.

The second pillar of healing after a breakup is identifying and transforming your limiting beliefs. It's common to experience self-esteem and self-doubt challenges after a breakup, and this is often tied to limiting beliefs we have held since an early age. The coach encourages listeners to challenge and change these beliefs to move forward.

Forgiveness is the third pillar of healing, and it takes courage. The coach emphasizes that forgiveness is not easy but is necessary to move on from a breakup. The final pillar of healing is connecting to your heart centre. This involves doing things that nurture your heart, such as attending a retreat, doing a Reiki session, or connecting with community.

The All The Things podcast is a great resource for people in their 20s looking for breakup advice and guidance on relationships. The coach's pillars of healing provide a solid framework for anyone looking to heal and thrive post-breakup.


Rebuilding Your Identity and Self-Esteem

After a breakup, it's common to feel lost and unsure of who you are. However, it's important to remember that you are not defined by your relationship status. Take small steps towards rebuilding your identity by finding an outfit that makes you feel confident. Seriously! The act of just getting dressed in something that makes you feel confident will do wonders. Never underestimate the power of putting on a podcast (might we suggest All The Things...) and going for a walk outside. This simple act can do wonders for your mental health and help you establish a new routine. Additionally, find an accountability buddy who can join you on these walks and offer support as you navigate your healing journey. Remember, how to move on after a breakup is different for everyone, but taking care of yourself and focusing on your personal growth is always a step in the right direction.

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