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3 Top TikTok Tips From a Social Media Expert

Here is the TL;DR or in this case, listen to the ATT episode with TikTok star, Alexis Winters! In episode 26, Alexis broke down her journey to going viral online and shared tips for growing your own TikTok and social media pages!

1. Post 3 times a day, for at least a month."So I started just like posting like three times a day, and I just really started taking it seriously. And then around. About January, I had about three videos kind of go viral. So within like November to January, like that was kind of like a very crucial period." Alexis really saw growth after being so consistent for months.

2. Try different things! Marketing is all about testing, and with social media you're marketing yourself! You never know unless you try what type of content you enjoy making the most, and what your audience responds well to! "When I first started, I was jumping in the different waters and kind of figuring out what actually works".

3. Be authentic about what you promote. Your audience no matter the size, can see if you're being honest with them. People follow you to see you not someone else! The more authentic your content is, the faster your audience will grow. "Those people that follow you follow you for a reason and they follow you because they trust you or because they have interest in the things that you like".

Bonus Tip!

Do your own research on influencer agencies and contracts. Once you have a video or two, things may get exciting but it's important to not let that excitement cloud your judgement. "I was nervous to like sign with an agency because I didn't, I've heard so many horror stories about like, going with an agency and getting like them stealing your money or just like really being detrimental for like your career. And so that made me really, really, really nervous."

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